I am often asked what matters to me most—my writing life or my healing life. It is difficult for me to separate the two. My writing nourishes my wellness practice and my wellness practice nourishes my writing. Both nourish my Heart in deep, unnameable ways.

My wellness practice, which combines Traditional Chinese Medicine and Holistic Nutrition, was launched in Toronto in 2012.


It gradually grew from a small, home-based practice to a thriving, woman-centered practice in the heart of Dovercourt Village, as well as a recurrent teaching position at The Institute of Traditional Medicine.

Leaving behind my practice, when I left Toronto, felt like leaving behind my beloved garden—something I had planted, watered, tended with care, and watched, in awe, as it flourished.

The services I now offer in Callander/North Bay are similar to the ones I offered in Toronto. They include individual treatments, seasonal workshops, group healing circles, and retreats (coming soon!)

For more information about what I do and why I do what I do, please visit my professional site, Mahina Medicine.


I look forward to connecting with you there.