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I am often asked what matters to me most—my writing life or my healing life. It is difficult for me to separate the two. My writing nourishes my wellness practice and my wellness practice nourishes my writing. Both nourish my Heart in deep, unnameable ways.

My wellness practice, which is rooted in the Classics of Chinese Medicine and shaped by my continuing Mentorship in Alchemical Healing, was launched in Toronto in 2012.


It gradually grew from a small, home-based practice to a thriving, woman-centered practice in the heart of Dovercourt Village, as well as a recurrent teaching position at The Institute of Traditional Medicine.

Leaving behind my practice, when I left Toronto, felt like leaving behind my beloved garden—something I had planted, watered, tended with care, and watched, in awe, as it flourished.

It was in May 2022—five years after leaving the city and meandering down many curious roads—that I fell in love with a small, slightly weather-worn space on the shores of Callander Bay, in the small town of Callander Ontario.


I knew, in the miraculous way I know things sometimes, that this space was meant to hold me and the medicine I carry, as I emerged from the cocoon of new motherhood and back into my soul work.


In an instant, The Shen Studio was born. 

Part studio, part sanctuary, part sacred gathering space, The Shen is where medicine meets magic, and where lead can turn into gold.

(For more information about what happens at The Shen, please explore the Services section of this site, and see if the offerings resonate.)

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