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"I feel like I am in a constant state of mourning and rejoicing; of sadness and celebration. Motherhood is heartbreaking and heart-building at the exact same time."

"Shortly after Gabriel passed, a wise wise friend told me that if I could find Gabriel in the precious moments of everyday life – and live my life in a way that honours those moments – I would be honouring him in the best possible way.

So, I do that. I really do that. I watch the sunset and I see Gabriel there and I think, “Thank you, Gabriel.” I feel the breeze off the lake and I think, “Thank you, Gabriel.” I sit by a fire, under a blanket of stars and I think, “Thank you, Gabriel.” I see him everywhere – he is the light in all of it – and by honouring that light, I honour him."

Review of brave new mama in BabyCareMag, February 2018

“One of the best new mom gifts of 2018!” 

Interviewed for The Anthology Series, May 2018

“You are not alone. You may feel alone, but you are not alone. Earth holds your feet. You are held, always. I see you, in all of your guts and all of your glory. What you are doing matters. It matters so very, very much. You are miraculous.” 

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