A Repeat #1 Amazon Bestseller!

The first year of motherhood,

unstitched & singing.

“The brave new mama poems are like tiny doulas, each one bringing food and foot rubs for the soul, all the while softly illuminating the blurred stacks of feelings that new motherhood leaves daily on the doorstop. (…) Between the lines, a lullaby sings, 'You are okay. You are strong. I see you. You are doing holy work.'"


    From the Foreword by Laura Interlandi,

    Co-Founder of Birdsong Brooklyn

What the sisters are saying...

""One of the best new mom gifts of 2018!"

(Reese Leyva, Baby Care Mag)

"Read this book. Your heart will be forever more full."

(Valentina McCachren, Founder of Lovefest Journey)

"Like a cup of tea, warming up the soul. A lovely companion for every new mama."

(Lindsay Forsey, Founder of Tenth Moon Mothercare)

"I cried. Thank you for putting motherhood into words - no easy feat!"

"More than a book. A lifeline."

(Francine C., Amazon Reviewer)

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(Rosie Newman, Author of Trust Your Body, Trust Your Baby)

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